EOD Robot ER3

EOD Robot ER3



Brief introduction

ER3 is one explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot. It is mainly to grab, remove and dispose the  explosives. The robot arm is flexible and can be operated in narrow space. With its track band, it has powerful moving capacity. So it is applicable in various tough situation, such as sand ,grass and slope and so on. The robot is rough, dustproof ,waterproof , shockproof  and performs well in every function. 


l       Powerful moving  capacity: with its track band , it can move on stairs, gaps.

l      Fast movement. The speed can be adjustable.

l      Compact size,  can put in car

l      Flexible  grab arm

l      The battery ,flat and arm are disassemble ,replaceable

l      Rough product, dustproof ,waterproof , shockproof

EOD Robot ER3



EOD Robot ER3




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