TS-70D UV infrared camera system

TS-70D UV infrared camera systemTS-70D UV infrared camera system






TS-70D UV infrared camera system



TS-70D UV infrared camera system

Configuration parameters

Technical form ★: technical restructuring UV enhanced camera.

Software: Original canon software set.

Camera Type : Canon 70D

Effective pixels : ≥20.2 million

The maximum number of pixels like photography: ≥ 20million

Highest resolution : ≥5472 × 3648

Standard lens : special 78mm F3.8 UV quartz lens one

Battery: 2 pieces

Light source: 254nm handheld UV light source lithium, full of electricity with 3 hours.

254nm ring UV light source is fully charged with electricity for 3 hours.

Filter: 254nm, 365nm, 760nm, 850nm, 950nm filter each one.

Transfer ring: WDNK-M42 dedicated transfer ring one.

Package:Pelican with drawbars

Software: A set of fingerprint image processing software

Sensor type and size : 22.5 × 15.0mm

CMOS type APS-C sensor

Sensor protection: the sensor surface with a protective glass, you can wipe it to remove dust.

Continuous shooting performance : not less than 7pcs / sec.

UV hand-held imaging performance : In the use of 6-watt UV lamp lighting conditions, the coated paper surface fingerprints and bright imaging, the exposure time shall not exceed 1/60 seconds. To meet the needs of hand-held camera.

Host weight: not more than 800g.

LCD screen size: 3 inches with touch screen.

LCD screen pixels: 1.04 million.

Storage media: SD / SDHC / SDXC card.

Host size: not more than L145mm × H 111mm × T 80mm.




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